The following testimonials are from teachers

participating in the DonorsChoose.org program

PALMco Energy is a proud supporter of DonorsChoose.org

Mrs. Germe

John Barry Elementary School
Meriden, CT


My classroom of 20 first graders is full of excitement, learning, and laughter! We are an inner city school in a low income area and our students come from many diverse backgrounds. Our school is an extended learning time school, which means that we attend school for 100 extra minutes per day. The day can be long and tiring but my students work hard and give 100%.

We would like to witness the life cycle of a chicken from egg to chick in our classroom! We are requesting an incubator, eggs, and supplies in order to safely hatch chicks right before our first-grade eyes!

My students will get to monitor the eggs daily while we research and observe the changes taking place. We are so excited to be able to try a “hands on” approach to life cycles.

I cannot wait to tell my students that we will be hatching our very own chicks this Spring!!! We will learn so much with this experience and I am hoping it will be something my students never forget. I am so grateful to be able to provide my class with such a hands-on approach to learning about life cycles and I owe it all to you. I can’t wait to share photos and work samples once we get started!

Ms. Blanks

Wogaman 5-8 School
Dayton, OH


“Many people sit back and talk about how hard it is for teachers to capture the attention of today’s students to important things such as environmental science. But then there are companies like PALMco that sit up and take action and empower teachers like me to reach every child and encourage them to dive into environmental science. Their donation and work is so powerful—I teach language arts, but through their support, my reading classroom has gone green! Students have been so excited to read about and learn about all the things that they ingest and put into their bodies! I am excited because we are now able to extend this project to the next school year! PALMco has placed the power of learning back into hands of my students,” said Rachel D. Blanks, a fourth-grade teacher who has created a greenhouse with her students through funds from PALMco and individual donors.

Mrs. Kielma

Bristol Eastern High School
Bristol, CT


I work in an urban school system where budgets are tight. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) lessons are vital to my biology and biotech students, but we often cannot afford them. My students are extremely eager to have lessons that encourage inquiry and self-guided learning!

Your donation would supplement the supplies we lack. We currently run a phytoremediation lab using alfalfa, mustard, and radish plants but are curious about morning glory as a phytoremediator after research we’ve conducted. We have constructed our own “light bank” in the past (as shown in our class photo) for plants to grow but would like to add a second and increase our plant growth/harvest. You’d help buy seeds, soil, pH meters, and lights to help us experiment.

In the past, my Biotechnical Engineering students have created setups to test the effectiveness of using alfalfa to remediate contaminated soil during our Agricultural and Environmental Engineering unit. As our photo shows, we have grown plants right in our classroom and have monitored changes in the pH, salinity, chlorine level, and quality of the soil over a months time.

Growing plants is engaging, interactive, and provides a new aesthetic to our room. It provides students with a basis for their own gardens some day, or even new ways to protect and clean up our environment in Brownfield or Superfund sites. If we have a good harvest, we are hoping to even transplant the morning glory plants (which are climbers) to the outside courtyard benches and/or trellis.

I cannot believe the generosity of my amazing family and friends! The matching donations from PALMCo made it all possible. My classes are going to be so very excited to have these fantastic supplies. I can’t wait to post and share pictures! Thank you a million times over! You make me look like a rockstar teacher!!!

Ms. Kabat

Burns Latino Studies Acadamy
Hartford, CT


“Thanks to PALMco, my students were able to experience hands-on activities that otherwise would not be available to them. PALMco’s donation allowed my students to participate in canoeing and a pond study. They also helped supply non-fiction books to my students to read, listen to and enjoy! We are so thankful to PALMco for their support,” said Jodi L. Kabat, a third-grade teacher at the Burns Latino Studies Academy in Hartford, CT.